Daddy-girl-blank So I thought about how I could say Happy Father's Day to my Dad because it just seems like it is not enough.  What do you say to the guy who you wake up repeaditly at 3:00 am throughout your life just to talk?  How do you repay the guy who has been your rock and voice of reason"?  How do you thank the guy who holds you in his arms and you do feel like everything is going to be ok?  What monetary value do you put on the handy man who shows up at your sunny California home where he could easily jump on his bike and just ride but he straps on a tool belt and tackles your household repairs?  Yep, I am a 39 year old self-proclaimed Daddy's Girl.  But who would not be with a Dad like mine? 

One day does not seem near enough to thank the guy (along with my mom) who raised me, supported me, and continues to this day to Love me for being just me.  Your the best Dad!  Happy Father's Year!


Your Daddy's Girl