So I keep getting asked what I want for Christmas.  I come up blank and don't have a solid answer.  Sure I have seen the commercial for the Clapper "Clap on, Clap Off….." and the concept seems life changing but I truly believe I can turn my lights on and off with a switch.  I have wondered if anything Chia (Cat Grass, Herb Garden, Scooby Doo head, etc.) would add a sense of nature in my home but I live in San Diego so if I want a sense of that I just go out and hug a palm tree.  And the way my scrap studio is bursting at the seams anything artistic may get lost in the mix.

So what is On My Grown Up Christmas List………….

  1. Seeing my family and friends have a very special Christmas.  For them to see the details and enjoy the moment……..especially the kids. 
  2. Have a few days off.  A few days with no work, laundry, cleaning, etc.  I have something up my sleeve to get that.
  3. A day off from my (undiagnosed) OCD tendancies so I don't feel the need to do laundry, clean or straighten everything up.
  4. Good health for everyone……..if Santa can bring a miracle cure for my sinuses I would gladly accept.
  5. Time…….time to be creative, time to enjoy the holiday season, time to prep for CHA, time to breath (again a stuffy nose is in the way of that too).
  6. Photographs………..I want to take lots of them.
  7. Peace………..within and for all.

Oh yeah…………..and the 105 mm Nikon lens and a fountain pen.  Did you honestly think I was going to just go with peace, love and joy?  Come on………… know me better than that. Nikon gear is always on my list!