This morning I took advantage of my last day to sleep in.  Pete and Tyler were off early for a day of paint-balling leaving the twins and I to do something.  They bounded into my room and asked me if we could go the park.  A said that is a possibility but we need to clean up.  They were off and running getting their toys picked up and chores done.  Joey came back in the room to ask me if we can go to the park (they feel the need to ask me the same question 22 times before I give in).  I said I am thinking about it.  To which he said:

Joey:  "Mom, if you take us to the park you can take your camera and take nice pictures of us"
Me: "Boy, do you know the way to get to your mother.  Ok, we can go"
He ran out of the room and loudly whispered to Micky as kids do "Hey Mick, I got her to agree to go but we have to take pictures"
Micky: "Fine"

Does that kid know me or what?  Do they think I would be that shallow and that would actually work?…..
_TWB3512 _TWB3522  
_TWB3519  _TWB3533 

Ok, the camera thing worked
_TWB3529 _TWB3515
The Fall Colors were amazing……….
_TWB3539 _TWB3534 

We even had loge-level seats for a beautiful wedding………..
_TWB3547 _TWB3548 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and perfect for a wedding.  I am glad those kids know how to bribe me but little do they know that I used them right back.  I told them we could not leave until the house was cleaned.  They worked like bandits and I came home to a clean house.