I am so proud to show off my latest Publication, my very own Studio in Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Fall 2010 Issue!

Studios copy

How cool was it to get this issue at CHA to see my big mug and my OCD issues right out there for the whole world to see!  Can't you just tell from this issue that I practically carry a label maker in my pocket at all time?  Does that guy with Sleeping with the Enemy come to mind when you see my paints?

Studios_Cover Speaking of the issue…….(and not my issues I might add), this is the cover of that issue.  Now back to my issues….hangers all matching (check), pens sorted by type and mismatches tossed (check), and addiction to Pine Sol (by the gallon!),  paper by color (check)….the list is endless.  I can tell you the exact measurement of any room based on the number of accoustic tiles.  I have to chuckle that many of the other studios pictured in that issue has dissarray, clutter, paints on the floor, etc.

Thanks heavens for serene yellow paint and the peacefullness of my beloved studio.  It calms me and is my happiest place (next to the white padded room I probably should be in).

If you are an artist, it is a great issue.  And if you are a relative of mine (ok, my two uncles) it may be fun to have my mug on your coffee table but good luck finding the issue because I bought out every issue I could find.  I want to make sure and wallpaper my mom & dad's house with it.  Thanks Dad for my artist haven.

Have a creative and organized day………..


Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.  ~Henry Ward Beecher