Strange I have been thinking a lot about my art lately.  It is hard when you don't create something that someone can use, wear or it does not have interactive parts. My art is not a sculpture that stands in someones foyer….just the thought of that makes me laugh.  Can you see me creating the next David?  So what is it that I have to offer the world?  I have no creative cure for cancer. I have not solved world hunger with it.  It makes me wonder.

What my art does for me is make me happy.  It is a creative outlet to let it hang out there.  It is part of my career.  I am blessed to have blended my love for art with marketing, accounting, selling a product I know and LOVE……yep.  What my art has brought to my life is more than that. I have met the most amazing and talented people.  My days are filled with those interactions. And my art has brought a whole new side…..sharing, inspiring and stepping out of my comfort zone. 

So you may not be able to wear my art but you can do my art!  It is fun, easy and doable.  It may be just a technique that inspires you, makes you smile/laugh, a new product, etc.but I try to share a part of me in my art.  It is fun, sometimes funny, optimistic and at other times therapeutic.  I know when I feel blue I go right to the artside…instead of the darkside. 

I value all that art has brought to me and that means more than some shirt but if there is anyone out there that wants to put it on shirts you contact me.  And for those who just join me LIVE on Ustream and laugh a little, learn a technique and share my LOVE for art than that is better than some T-shirt.  But if you are interested in an anatomically correct statue for your foyer give me a call. I am getting out of my comfort zone!

Today I did just that in my inspiration journal.  I pulled out some fun new paints I bought….Lumiere by Jacquard.  I just love them. Once I started painting I realized I was working with a color pallet I am not used to.  It was out of my comfort zone but I kept with it as there is no turning back in the Inspiration Journal……


  • Adhesives: Helmar 450 Quick Dry, Fabric Stiffener & Premium Craft Glue
  • Stamp – Inkadinkadoo
  • Ink - Marvy Heritage Inks
  • Flower – Prima
  • Buttons – Buttons Galore & More
  • Paint – Luminere by Jacquard
  • Embossing Powder & Colorbox Pigment Ink
  • India Ink  Dr Ph Martins
  • Ribbon – Unknown

I challenge you to leave your comfort zone and find your meaning in whatever you do!  Thanks for sharing my passion with me! and to those who have taken this challenge with me…thank you!  I have more pages to share this week and love the emails. and the wonderful and supportive comments and emails remind me that is my meaning of art.


Today my quote is in my own words….

"When life gets you down go right to the artside…instead of the darkside.  ~Tracy Weinzapfel