Last weekend was a great weekend!  Sunday I had a great talk with a dear friend of mine.  She is my polar opposite and the girl I want to have my back if I ever was in a rumble (Ok, sometimes I resort to my West Side Story plot because how many people actually get into "rumbles")…anyway, I digress.  She is a spitfire. She says what is on her mind and admitingly does not have a filter.  When she is feeling mad or pissed off she will let it out and holds nothing back.  I on the other hand when things get to me will keep things within, think (lots), try to see all sides and the positive.  Two different approaches but both effective.  Do I wish I was more like her at times and she like me….heck yes! But who we are and what we are about is not lost in our two diverse approaches. 

At 41 (almost 42!) I am looking into a new path and I am grateful for the choices made.  I am thankful for those diverse friends around me.  I went to an awesome 50th birthday party this weekend for a friend.  I had a great time!. 

Saturday I also had a great talk with a friend of mine in the industry about our art and we spoke of how easy it is to lose sight of who you are, your art and what it means to you.  I could not remember the last time I picked up the paint brush for just me, no deadline, no instructions to type up.  I LOVE all those things about the industry but what started this all was me and my love for what I do and what I create.  I have lost me in the mix, my personality, my message.  So Saturday I just painted………for me.

and boy did it feel good!  I used that handmade stamp that a special friend made for me and painted from beginning to end.  So with this page there are no instructions, videos or lists…….just me.  When was the last time you created just for YOU?! and what does your art mean to you?


"it takes a lot of courage to release the familier and seemingly secure, to EMBRACE the new." ~Alan Cohen