I read this great article in Glamour when I was in a waiting room (don't tell but I was the one who tore the article out)….It is about having your personal mission statement. 


That got me thinking as I kind of look at this as an objective on a resume.  What is your mission, your objective?  For so long I have struggled with this and through Art, my friends, meeting new people I hear nice things like how I motivate, encourage them to do greater things, or in some way inspired them but the one person who I felt I was missing is myself. 

I was recently speaking to a photographer friend of mine and was helping her with a blog post about her business and found myself telling her things that right now where I am career wise I should be listening to that same exact advice.  Funny how we have these negative thoughts in our head that keep us from moving forward yet the words from a fellow artist or friend can kick us in the right direction.  She is a trained professional photographer yet she too has doubts and I look at her work and am surprised I have to tell her this.  Yet, someone says the same thing about my art and I doubt them just as she was doing. 

So that leads me to my mission statement: 

You are onto something amazing…you are meant to inspire and motivate those around you through art and more.  Be passionate about what you do.  You can share with so many.  Now it is time to let that voice be heard. 

Thank you Tessa for that talk……..and if you are looking for a talented photographer in San Diego check out: Grin & Share it….she is an amazing artist who I am happy to call friend!

So do you know what your mission statement is?  Have you struggled with those negative monsters in your head?  What is stopping you?  Are you stopping you?  I welcome you to share by posting and in private via EMAIL.

Time to live our mission! but you have to know what it is first! Would love to hear yours!


"I am going to make everything around me beautiful that will be in my life" ~Elise de Wolfe