Oh my, someone improved upon the book. I LOVE TO READ!  I love to sit down with a good book and read Kindlebezoshowever I hate to buy books.  Once I read a book is is rare I would pick it up again and re-read it so it just collects dust (and with my OCD fear of clutter (and dust!) this just does not work for me).  Of late I have not made many trips to the library so I have been at a stand-still until I saw this dream machine.

The new Kindle by Amazon!  This thing is so cool. You can order your books wirelessly.  It holds 400 books and a ton more if you get a memory chip for it.  I mean, this is a clear sign to me that we are one step away from living the Jetsen's lifestyle.  Soon enough we will be stepping outside and our briefcases will convert to a floating transport apparatus!  And my dream of punching three buttons and dinner coming out on a conveyor belt is within reach!  

But for today I am adding this to my wish list!  Does anyone own one?  I want to know how fast I need to glue to get this baby in my hot little hands! hmmmmmm….Christmas is coming.

I think this officially makes me a techy nerd but Jeff Bezos is my new idol!