Sunday was a rainy day in San Diego.  It could rain every Sunday of my life and I swear I would be happy.  I just love it.  There is something about the rain falling, a hot cup of tea and the sound of football in the background.  Fall is here finally (ok forget that it was 85 degrees yesterday)

Today I was up early and out the door to pick up Kelly for our annual trek to the Photo Expo West.  We went last year and decided to make it an annual event.
_TWB2510  Photo Expo-9784-Tracy2-resize  

Playing with new lenses….
_TWB2513 Hey Kel, what do you think about this fisheye??

I was drooling over the 85 mm fixed lens.

Colleen and Shelly joined us.  Being so passionate about photography there is nothing better than sharing it with good friends.  And bringing Kelly together with Colleen & Shelly was fun.  They are all a good mix and the laughing was non-stop.  We wanted the Expo floor and then headed over to the beach for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant.  Being equipped with our cameras there was no short of photos.
_TWB2525 _TWB2527  
_TWB2532  _TWB2540  

Kelly tried to pull her leaning back trick to make me look like a bobble head but we are all on to her! 
_TWB2534 Serves her right…check out that chin.
Photo Expo-9790 Tracy-Kelly2-resize She is doing it!
Photo Expo-9787 -Tracy-Kelly1-resize Ok……BEEP!

So sharing my passion with such great friends is a dream come true……… thinking about what drives you in life.  I have a giveaway to announce this week!