I have dreams of getting my photos on the cover of a magazine and that dream was fulfilled this week.  I am an officially published photographer in Art Materials Retailer.  Here is the cover this month…

Material_Arts1 copy

Now this is another one of those instances that I may need to enlarge my cover photo to highlight my photographic genius……..


Now I know I caught those Helmar Adhesive Runners in a very impressive pose with the perfect light.  Maybe I should drop photographing people and concentrate on products.  They also featured my photo and description here….

Material_Arts2 copy

I am telling you this has been one busy month of dreams being fulfilled.  I have also had dreams of being a centerfold model with the staple in my belly.  Hmmmmmmmmmm.  I better stop why I am ahead.  Keep on dreaming people!  They are what sustain me.