I finally get to talk about the photoshoot I did last month as my studio was selected to be in this magazine!


For those close to me, many know just how much this means out of all the publications I have been honored to be in. 

My studio is a very special place to me as it was constructed by my dad and myself.  It is my home office, creative space, meeting place for the kids, gathering spot for girlfriends to share a glass of wine, Penny's hangout, all-around popular place in the house and I am excited to be a part of this.  And come January 8th I will get to see it featured in this magazine!


Awesome, awesome awecome!  I cannot wait to share more…….but for now here are a few details HERE.  And that my friends is one big check mark off the Life List!  I tell ya, write those dreams down and work your passion!!! 

Have a great weekend!

"Live your life so that when it’s time to ask where the time went, you can answer: “It went to joyful moments with family and friends, to my search for passion, to doing work that felt like play, to standing up for what I believe in, and to exploring this beautiful world we live in with an open heart.  My time went to LIVING my life!”