Last week I woke up one morning and had a "bright" idea.  How about I take the kids with me on one of my peaceful and tranquil hikes.  I mean, I love my kidlets and I love to hike so why not mix the two.  How bad could it mean..I mean, won't that be great!  When I asked them if they wanted to go I got two resounding "yes's" and one "no".  So guess who the "no" came from?  Majority rules in this house and off we went.  I am optimistic.

We got our water, fruit and snacks packed and headed up the mountain. 
20090629-P6291672 20090629-P6291673

The two "yes" kidlets headed up with determination.  The "no" kidlet dragged, himmed, and hawed.  I could feel my peace and tranquility escaping.  Then came the nagging and I could feel my peaceful place running away.  Then the theats of turning back and we had not even gone 1/4 mile!  Optimism was not replaced with frustration.  

But we trudged forward and I hung back and felt like I was on the "Amazing Race".  I turned my tactic from frustration to encouragement and was surprised where that got us.  With every step forward Joey got more confident.  The weather was cloudy and a bit humid but it was nice.
20090629-P6291684 20090629-P6291685
20090629-P6291690 20090629-P6291693

The kidlets finished strong to the top and even were running at the summit!  It was a proud mom moment.  We sat at the top on a rock and snacked and just took in the beauty  The kids see the top when we pass by on the highway so they were proud of how high we were.  Here is a great 360 degree view from the top.
20090629-P6291701 20090629-P6291713
20090629-P6291712 20090629-P6291706

This was one of those days where I wanted to lug the camera about but decided that the camera would come between the kids and our experience.  Instead I had my pocket point & shoot and was able to just enjoy my kids.  Glad we had it because we saw this little guy on the way down!

So would I do it again?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  That is my peaceful place.  My time to exercise and rejouvanate.  I enjoy my kids at sea level.  Why take that to a higher elevation?  Consider this one of those learning mom moments.  LOL…

P.S.  So Kelly, if you think you were replaced not a chance!  I miss my hiking buddy!