…and I could not be more relieved!  And get this, the local papers have called about doing a story on this!  How cool is that?  This little girl that likes to glue in the media! 

Tracy-Newpaper-7613-r-s Tracy-Newpaper-7627-r-s
photos courtesy of www.lotophoto.com 

Someone joked that my work could be in the Smithsonian one day.  Now that is a hoot.  Mom, I promise you that seat in the front row of Oprah LOL.

This glue-happy artist could not be more happy to have completed that album and hope that President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama enjoy it.  Now I will soak up some rest and get back to doing what I love, being a mom, gluing, laundry, and being behind my camera.  Oh wait, that laundry part I am not so excited about.  Wouldn't the media love to know that while they interviewed me I was folding clothes?  Oh what a glamorous life I lead.