My oh my the weekends just pass by so fast.  Saturday we spent most of the day at the baseball fields.  I am now realizing that from now until June I will be seeing a lot of those baseball fields.  Joey literally got up at 6 am to get dressed.  It is great to see him so excited over something. Shelly and Colleen came over last night for a night of creativity.  It was fun to scrapbook with Dsc_2972the girls and share my CHA info.  Plus I finished the kid’s Valentine’s treat bags which turned out cute.

AND….I finished the things that I made for my friend’s baby. She only had to wait three months for them but I really like what I made.  I plan on shipping them tomorrow and will share what I came up with later this week.  Just in case she is reading I want her to be surprised…watch for it in the mail Julie!  Now get booking that trip!

Dsc_2883 Sunday Micky dressed up in her finest princess wear for her friend’s princess birthday party.  The girls were so cute!  Micky was dressed up from her head right down to her red glittered princess shoes.  Janine had all the moms put on make-up on their daughters.  That was a neat idea.  Micky was thrilled to have real make-up on.  Oh to be so sweet and innocent.  I looked into the eyes of my littleDsc_2894_1 princess and thought for a moment that I hope she leads a charmed life.   Then I wanted to tell her to not wait for those dreams to come true….she needs to go and chase them.  I never knew how big life could be for me and I love finding out just how big it can be.  I have so much to share but know that the majority of it will be discovered on her own.  May she love the journey as much as I have.

So my weekend came to a close.  Today the kids are off school and then we start a week of Valentine’s fun and Pete’s Birthday!