I hate to have a dirty trick up my sleeve but I do…..Grandma and Grandpa have called us along the way and we have highlighted their progress on the map.  Each time they called their cute little adorable grandchildren got on to say "I Love you Gram"…"I miss you Papa".  Their cute little angel voices started to pull at the grandparents heart stings.  They had planned on going to the Grand Canyon and spending some time but those heartstrings were pulling and today my mom called from Flagstaff, AZ and said "we just cannot wait to see those grandkids and after all this traveling we do not want to go 178 miles out of our way so we are heading to you tomorrow".  They have no clue how evil I am using those grandkids to get them here HA, HA, HA (evil laugh).  So we are all anxious for them tomorrow.  Today we began preparations to get ready.Dsc_1385

I did make a side-trip to visit Janine and Victoria to deliver their gifts. With a poem that Victoria had written (she claims to have no creativity and then comes up with this beautiful poem)…I created a canvas with our picture.  It was such a fun project to do for them.  I don’t consider myself a good gift giver but finally was able to create something that I liked to give away.