Oh my what a difference a few days can make.  I am pressing on with bids to repaint the house, remove the acoustic ceiling and remodel the kitchen.  We are getting a re-bid on the kitchen cabinets using a different wood and I have every appendage crossed that it comes within our budget.  Those cabinets kind of make or break what we decide to do.  The good news is I decided our color scheme and I am excited about it.  I even think I know who will be doing the work.  I just need to give the go-ahead.  For now we just hang tight for the new bid on the cabinets. 

I have always thought that I would steer clear of the PTA however this year the helium arm has been shooting up.  Our new PTA President is a dynamo and is wonderful at encouraging new volunteers.Btfelogo  I have also become friends with a couple of the ladies so I am taking on a little bit more than I have in the past.  This year I will be heading up the Box Tops for Education  (save those box tops and mail to me) and I am the PTA Historian.  They are not major under-takings however I just was asked to say a few words at our first PTA meeting.  I am not crazy about that public speaking.  I guess it is time to come out of that box.  I am also shadowing the current Treasurer to take over next year.  That is more up my ally, working with numbers.  I am trying to keep things in check because I am also reading every Monday to a Kindergarten class. 

Tomorrow is a big day for the twins.  We go to their Open House at Preschool.  They will be officially starting on Friday.  I took them shopping for a few more items today.  Of course Joey picks out Sponge-Bob t-shirts and Micky wants these expensive girly shirts.  Three of his shirts equal one of hers.  I had to talk him into letting go of a few of his pants.  I want to remove the ones with holes so he would not be tempted to wear them.  I think I have him persuaded to wear some new stuff. 

At night I have been doing lots of new stuff for Diecuts With a View.  They have another airing on QVC and asked for some work.  I came up with:

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