I am excited to share a sneak peek of my 2016 Totally Tracy/Dare 2b Artzy Stamp release!  Another dream comes to fruition and cannot believe it did!  Without further ado……

I just started to play with them and love them and hope you do too!  I cannot wait to play some more!


Seven sets will be released at CHA Mega Show 2016!  But you are the first to see them here!  Tonight on Mixed Media Monday I will be playing with the first four sets I have.


Here is my entire collection….


So the next question will be pre-orders and YES I have listed them for PREORDER 15% OFF  in my shop where they will ship immediately upon arrival (I have been promised them FIRST!).  You can order them HERE!   PREORDERS AND SALE ENDS 1/15/2016!  I have also listed my 2015 releases on sale as I have a few of those left so get them while they are in stock! 


Join us tonight for Mixed Media Monday as we pull them out of their packages for the first time.  Truly a dream in the making!  So proud of them and hope you like creating with them too!

“Thank you for giving me the courage to continue.” – Courage isn’t having the strength to go on; it’s going on even when you don’t have strength.  And remember, it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.