This week I shared some big news in my life my new gig with DecoArt…..


"Welcome to the blogger family Sweet Stella'sChicaCircleThe Country Chic Cottage, and Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. We can't wait to see and share your creativity!"

First off I am honored and excited to be working with this company as you can see HERE  I am a true DecoArt fan.  When you are passionate about something keep working it and do not give up.  Second I was blown away by the responses and emails I got…like these:

DecoArt1 copy

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I love what I do and do what I love…I guess my little love for painting pretty pictures does transcend. ♥

What does this mean?  Stay tuned here and on DecoArt's New Blog (to be announced soon) where I will be providing projects with step-by-step instructions using my favorite DecoArt Projects.  In a nutshell…….I get to share MORE of what I love!


"The real thing that keeps you down is fear.  The reason your fears have so much power over you is simply because you give them this power by thinking about them – the worst-case scenario, what you don’t want to happen, etc….It’s time to take a stand.  It’s time to clear your fears from your thoughts."