That does it…I knew in my heart that I would not be satisfied unless I reached $1000 in the fight against cancer and I want to introduce you to another motivation…..Carrie Butler, more-so her brother, Brett (please take a moment to click and read). 


First off, I will tell you that Carrie is an amazing photographer, Carrie Butler Photography and I met her a few years back at a photography workshop.  The fellow photag nuts I met there over that weekend became fast friends. 

I have this theory that everyone you meet in life leaves an imprint in your heart.  In may be a big imprint or a small imprint but there is a reason they come into your life.  Over the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to meet back up with those special friends at WPPI and locally for brunch.  Last year Carrie suffered a loss in her family and that was Brett to cancer.  I never met Brett but I had the fortune of hearing his story from Carrie and through Carrie, the sadness in her eyes, her kind words, and her love for her brother (Who Brett is).  I am happy to say that Brett & Laura did get married.  I am sorry to say that Brett passed away four months ago.

She has beautifully summed up things in a recent blog post (Grief Four Months In) and today she donated to my Relay for Life and pushed me to $950.  That donation brought this whole journey into perspective for me.  I am determined now because of her to raise my personal goal to $1000 in honor of Brett.  I have two days until I walk and feel blessed that all this opportunity was brought in my life and how it has filled up my heart. 

Thank you Carrie for sharing your story and Brett's…………Thank you for capping this experience and bringing it full circle.  I value the imprints that all have left on my heart.

I say it here one last time………if you wish to donate and support me in this walk on Saturday, April 30th you click can HERE.  ANY amount donated is appreciated…….. 


and with this I walk……..and walk……..for the fight.


"Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsiblity to give something back by becoming more"  ~Anthony Robbins