Ok, I discovered a new must have tool for your art studio.  It is a simple idea and for somone like me with my OCD issues it is perfect!  It is the Stamping Details Custom Craft Sheet.  Simple concept…..a non porous, non stick sheet that will even take the heat of a heat gun.  Now just a small warning, it is not a cutting mat so you don't want to use your craft knife on it.  With the use of my Helmar adhesives and all the paints I am always making a mess but with this sheet it cleaned up so quick. Me and messy do not go together.  You can even spray alcohol inks on it.  I used it as a palette and just dumped by paints right on it.  The paints wiped right off.  Loved that!

(This was taken right after I did all the painting and just wiped it clean.)  

They come in two sizes (16.5" X 18" and 15.5" X 30".  The one I am using is the 16.5" X 30".  You can order them online HEREStamping Details will be at CHA Winter Super Show where I will be teaching make 'n takes using Helmar products. 

Stay tuned from some of my latest Christmas creations……..I promise I have been gluing!