2017 is upon us and I decided not was a good time to start day 1 of a 365 page book.  A new chapter calls for a new art journal to pour my art and heart into….Canson 7 X 10 Art Journal


So this means breaking out my Dynasty brushes and painting my heart on each page….here are my first few pages and more to come on each of them!




and finally this page…


These pages I will try to share how they come to life but some you will just see.  I am excited to share the process when I can and sometimes it is not about the process but the outcome.  One thing you will know is this book is from my heart, about my heart and will have a PURPOSE!

Be o.k. with YOU, beautiful friend. Be o.k. with the moments of aloneness that come, and that sometimes stay. Be o.k. with sometimes feeling that no one understands or that no one is giving you exactly what you need, because the only WHOLENESS of spirit that will come is from your own self and your own deepest truth.  This is where you will find peace.”