4 or 5 years ago we started this tradition at New Year's that we all love….New Year's Red Cards.  It is a take off from the Chinese. The Red Envelope signifies Good Luck in the new year.  We fill the envelopes with $8 which also has a meaning.  The amount of money contained in the envelope usually ends with an even digit.  The number 8 is considered lucky and believed to bring Good Luck.  In accordance with Chinese beliefs we have incorporated this and adopted it for our family.  I put a word on each card (happiness, prosperity, wealth, etc. ) as a blessing to each person.  At midnight we pass them out to everyone with the intention that the $8 would be spent any which way they wanted. 

The best part is the following day New Year's Day we go out as a family and everyone spends their money as they choose.  I love to see what everyone buy's as a momento.  My cards from the last two years…..



Now only do I love making the cards but I love that they ask for them every year and looking forward to that day all spent together as a family.  It only takes one year to start a tradition……I recommend this one!…




Happy New Year's to all my friends and family!  2012 has had it share of ups and downs but it was never about how you fall down but about how you rise up and see all the wonderful things that are around.  I leaped, I jumped, and the wings grew on the way down………that is the way it is done. 

so from my beach to yours……..


Be Safe………be with those you Love…….and BE YOU!


"Stay true to your path….A successful life is one that is  lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing  after the dreams of others."