YES!  I finally got my paint and stamps where I can see them.  They are now hanging on the wall. Dsc_4610_2 I saw this idea in a magazine and thanks to my friends husband who supplied with the t-bar and my friend for inspiring to hang them up (she hung hers first).  And, last but not least, thanks to my hubby for being so patient while I decided where each shelf was going to go.  Now I have my paints and stamps at my finger tips.  Thank heavens I am so tall too because I was able to hang up 10 shelves and can still reach them!  Check out my new pictures: My Scrap Space.  That was a major accomplishment today along with a ton of other things.

Friday I had a great time with my two friends.  We had a girls day out and went downtown San Diego for the Scrapbook Expo.  It was so relaxing and fun.  Although I did not go with the intention of spending money I was able to clean out the wallet with my friends.  We basically had to leave when we were all tapped out.  It was fun and a much needed day of rest.  We have another busy day ahead of us.

Tomorrow is all about Pete so I will be waking up early for his custom breakfast.  Then we may be taking out the jet ski for it’s maiden voyage on the ocean.  The kids cannot wait.  OK, I am a little excited too.