News_1 Today we got a few phone calls that that Tyler and Micky made the local newspaper in their costumes.  Sure enough there they were.   This was taken at the school carnival during the costume contest.  The kids just ate that up. 

Today was an expensive day in our household…ever have one of those days where everything you touch breaks.  I had that today.  I blew up the vacuum (secretly happy about that one), lost the antenna on our only working cordless phone in the house, and went to pull out Micky’s trundle and the one side pulled away (gotta love those stripped Ikea screws).  I decided I should just retreat to my office and not touch anything.  I hate days like that!

Today I finalized my house colors.  I was working out this morning at the gym and looked at the yellow paint on the wall and thought gee I like that color. Then I looked at the Merlot color adjacent to it and panned around to see every color I had selected for our house.  I clearly think that is a sign I spend way too much time at our gym!  Well, the good thing is I love all those colors and see that they go together.