Tyler got his school pictures and I am happy to say that  this year the teeth 2006_tyler_3are starting to re-align (at least he has some front teeth now) and his eyes are open.  Yeah…no retakes! 

Another day of activities.  By the time the day ended and I sat down to watch Survivor with Tyler I realized how exhausted I was.  Some days I just want to hang a sign on me that says "I gave all I could today and I have nothing left…..please try again tomorrow".  Today was one of those days. Dsc_9563 The evening ended with a ceremony for the PTA sponsored art programm Reflections.  I was proud of Tyler because he entered a drawing in the arts category. This year’s theme was "My Favorite Place".  Tyler created a really neat drawing stating his favorite place was his imagination It was very ingenious and it turns out that the judges thought so too.  His drawing is moving on to the next level and he was awarded a metal.  I was very proud of him.  He certainly does have a vivid imagination!

Home up-date……..Dsc_9651_3 Yes we have color.   Apache Tan is hitting our walls.  The ceilings have mainly been completed and look great.  Having that popcorn ceiling come down makes a huge difference.  Tomorrow the living room should be done minus the accent wall.  I am anxious to see the outcome.  So far I love that first color I selected and glad I went darker.  One color down, 4 to go.