I figured today was a day off since there was no school but guess again.  Tyler was sick again so I decided we best be getting to the doctor.  He is fine (no strep throat) and he seems to be feeling better tonight.  We made a trip to Home Depot to pick up all the floor tile and schedule installation. Check that off my list!  Again no workout today and that bummed me out.  I am hoping that with Thanksgiving comes along I don’t fall off the workout wagon.  This remodel seems to give me a good excuse to skip.  OK, stop being so hard on yourself….it has only been two days (thanks to Joey yesterday).  Much better day for Joey today.  He went out of his way to share and be nice.  I felt bad when he gave one of his waffles to Micky and let her cook hers first. Scrapaholic Then we stuck his in the microwave and I walked away.  He hit the minute button again and that last waffle turned to stone with a big burnt spot in the middle.  Poor Joey, he just cannot catch a break.  Meanwhile, Micky finished that waffle with a smile on her face. 

Tomorrow we have nothing on the schedule but a trip to Home Depot and Costco are in the plans.  There is nothing better than going to the Depot with three kids!

Sometimes I journal a layout that I actually like and this was one.  The journaling says: 

What makes me a Scrapaholic?

Could it be……..

*    My Custom 11’ X 17’ Scrapbook Studio.  Along with my bins and bins of paper, shelves of paints, racks of pens and the latest and greatest tools.

*    My love for color.  My rainbow selection of cardstock just might give me away.

*    My crazy organization skills.  Shopping, collecting and putting away my new supplies in carefully labeled bins is so much fun.  Maybe O.C.D. is a good thing!

*    My passion for photography.  Everyone knows that I am happiest behind my camera capturing all the fun of life.

*    How about sharing my passion with others.  Everyone who knows me eventually finds out about my crazy hobby and I am more than willing to talk or share with anyone who will listen.

Or is it;

*    My love for my Family.  Leaving behind the story of our lives is so important to me.  Life is so short and I want everyone I love to know how much I love them.  I want my kids to know what I was thinking when they smashed those mashed potatoes all over the wall.  I look forward to the day when my kid’s girl/boyfriend asks me for childhood pictures and I pull up with a U-Haul full of albums. 

I am counting down the days until this office gets painted.  Sunday and Monday we demo that kitchen.  I am ready to trash those 1970’s cabinets!   

Feel good CD……….just bought this CD and love her voice.  U highly recommend it.  She kinds of has that smooth Billy Holiday sound.