November is a busy month and I am going to do the best I can to SHOW UP!  Mixed Media Monday’s are my favorite days!  It will be a busy month of friends, family and a special ivory dress.   I am planning on as much time in my Studio to keep my feet on the ground and not let the busy-ness of it all get to me.  I hope you will join me this month……..



The best place to stay current is by visiting my Calendar of EVENTS.  Here is how November is shaping up….


The calendar is subject to change as necessary in order to take in everything I possibly can!  Join us today for Mixed Media Monday to kick off the month.  Details HERE.  Also stay tuned for guests in the Studio this month…Glue Dad will be in the house!

I have one local class schedule to at Pamo Valley Winery on November 29th!  Looks like it will be a sell out so make sure to save our seat HERE:



I am looking forward to sharing November 2014… a month of thanks with everyone!  Join our MMM Facebook too:  I love to see all the MMM Inspired projects!

I challenge you to make this your lifelong motto: “I respectfully do not care.”  Say it to anyone who passes judgment on something you strongly believe in or something that makes you who you are.  People will inevitable judge you at some point anyway, and that’s OK.  You affected their life; don’t let them affect yours.”