Yesterday was probably one of the highlights of my life!  It was a lot in one day.  Without boring anyone here are the highlights

  • Started in Times Square where we purchased tickets for The Color Purple on BROADWAY! Colorpurplecover_2
  • We got on a chartered bus tour CitySights NY and took the Downtown tour where we could hop on and off
  • Then we stopped in Greenwich Village for world famous Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.  I had the best German Chocolate cake of my life!  It was yummy and huge.  Pete had a Lemon Cheesecake which he enjoyed.
  • Back on the Bus to Chinatown where we got off for Pete to haggle with the locals.  Got a couple of Sweatshirts and gifts for the kids.  It was way too crowded for my liking but Pete did his thing.
  • Then on the the Financial District stop which took us to the World Trade Center.  This was an emotional site to see.  The actual site itself is being rebuilt so it was not like previous trips.  However, we stopped in the church adjacent to Ground Zero where all the emotions came back.  I bought two children’s books for the kids and the author was there to sign it.  That was special. 
  • Back on the Bus to the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.  It was a very smoggy day so not clear but with my 300 mm lens I was able to get some good shots.  Very beautiful place to see.  Grabbed a hot dog from one of the roadside carts.  Yummy!
  • Around 4 pm now and we were back on the bus to Rockefeller Center.  This was where we hoped to see the Top of the Rock and get some pictures of NY from above.  But there was no visibility so we could not do that.   Oh well, we cannot do it all.
  • Back to Times Square where we decided to sit down and eat something.   Happy Hour at Tonic & the Met.  Good drinks and yummy potato skins.  We could not remember the last time we went to a Happy Hour together.  It was fun and the two small drinks I had lifted my "spirits".
  • More gift shopping and off to see THE COLOR PURPLE ON BROADWAY! One of the things on my life list!  Where do I begin.  let me say, I am not a crier (for movies or life in general).  I CRIED!  It was that good.  In the last act about three songs in the tears made their way to the surface.  Fantasia was incredible.  Her singing and acting literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  Let me tell you that was the best $200 I have ever spent.  And Pete loved it too.  I looked over and he was wiping the tears away.  I was so happy he liked it.  Man, what a high that was.
  • It was 11 pm now and we hit Times Square at night to see the lights.  It was amazing.  By now I got my second wind but Pete could not hang so we headed to the car to see if we would be charged $1000 for parking (it was close).
  • Back to the hotel.  I will not mention our hotel in detail because it just makes me mad.  Let me say it is one of those hotels you see from the highway and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find.  After about pass #6 the swear words were flying.  Back in our room at 1 am where we took showers and fell into bed with exhaustion

So to bring my "highlights" to a close…….it was the day of my dreams.  Pete was a gem and hung in when I know he would have just like to sit on a bench in Central Park.  He smiled for pictures when I asked him and even grabbed the camera to capture me.  Thank you Pete for one of the best days of my life and for fulfilling one of my Life List items!  Dream and Do it!  Peace out from NYC!

Bad internet connection here so I will post pictures soon…off to the big party!