Thank you to all who submitted and took the September Creative Dare!  Once again you guys rocked the projects and this one really seemed to really hit home.  Our random September Winner is Deborah Hopkins!  Deborah please email your address to [email protected] to claim your Fabscraps prize

 October’s Creative Dare is about my “Letting It Go”  Letting go of the things that keep you from taking chances, holding back, etc.  I posed the question the other day on Facebook:

Fill in the blank “To live a creative life we must lose our fear of………….”

and I was not surprised by the answers I saw…..we all as Artists seem to have the same fears:  Not Being good enough, comparing yourself ot others, judgement, imperfection/perfection, making a mistake, not being good enough, failure and the list went on.  I thought to myself what I needed to get rid of in order to really “Let it Go”.  This was the piece I shared Monday which you can see HERE:


So now I challenge you share what you need to Let go Of in order to BE YOU and truly “let it go”.  I say that time and time again whether it pertains to your art or your life.  To submit just upload your layouts below “ADD YOUR LINK”!  If you do not have a blog to link to don’t worry!  You can still upload to Flicker HERE and link from there too! 

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Until I learned how to just Let it Go and live my truth though my Art and in my life I was searching for some place impossible.  Life is not perfect.  Art is not perfect.  Now I want to see whaty you are gonig to Let Go Of!  

Let it Go my friends……..


“We all have quirks and unique perspectives.  The more relaxed you become with your own differences, the more comfortable you will start to feel just being YOU.  Celebrate being different, off the beaten path, a little on the weird side… your own special creation.  If you find yourself feeling like a fish out of water, by all means find a new river to swim in.  But DO NOT change who you are; BE who you are. “