Where did October go?  What a crazy busy month and ever so happy to recap it in pictures….


So much happened on one month and as I look back on the ups and downs I am thankful for the moments.  There was a girls weekend……cackling laughing.  There was stress……a sick friend who I went to visit in the hospital in her weakest time (she will be ok).  So many blessings.  There were ups and downs with the house……..the kids, the family and jugging it all.  27 miles of walking and talking with friends.  There was moments of great creativity and BRAND NEW OPPORTUNITIES!!  There were lessons learned and moments to take in sunrises/sunsets.  There was LOVE……my family.  That is all one can ask for. It is not always easy.  It is life……my life here in PICTURES:

So as we ring in November, I want to take in every moment.  I am already thankful.  Time to take risks and do the unexpected!


 For those on the path with me, alongside me, and with those I share my life with I am ever so thankful and hope that November is a wonderful month for all.  Ready, set, go!

In the end, after all is said and done, what’s meant to be will come your way, and what’s not will fall away.  Just remember that life’s greatest gifts may not always be wrapped the way you expect.”