Nikond300xl_2 So, I have been so busy this week that I literally can only think of what is going to be happen that day and focus on that.  Today I have a new focus and that is packing up for a dream weekend with my friend Kelly. Actually this will include checking off something on the Life List (#34) and you know how much that means to me.  Kelly and I are taking a three-day photography workshop with Me Rah, Brian and Carey Schmacher of Barefoot Memories!  We decided to make a weekend of it and are staying the two nights down by the workshop where we can go back at night with our lap tops, a cold Stella (or two) and eat junk food.  For Kelly and I this is a dream slumber party.  You should hear us compare our shopping lists.  The conversation kind of goes like this:1478_3

Tracy:  I will get the beer
Kelly:  I will get the wine
T:  chips and dip are mine since I am particular to the dip
K:  OK, I got cheese and crackers
T:  Don’t forget the frozen pizzas.
K:  Should we get something for breakfast?
T:  Fine, I will get the yogurt and bananas.
K:  OK, count on me for Lucky Charms
T: Sure we have enough beer and wine?

I have been looking forward Rainyto this for so long but have not been able to think about it because there is so much on my plate.  We hope to learn a lot. 

Mother Nature seems to be striking again (I seriously think it is her time of the month) .  The weekend is supposed to be cold and rainy!  Hello, we live in SUNNY San Diego!  Yesterday we had a deluge of rain (ok, so in SoCal that means a 1/4" of an inch but still) before our dance!  Just a mere 4 days ago it was sunny and over 100.  We go to the beach to shoot so I am going to do my ‘Anti-Rain Dance’ (which is also mistaken for my "’Cut-Back-On-The-Beer-Dance’).

Enjoy your weekend all!  And to my kiddies, be good for Dad.  Thanks Pete for taking over so I can go do this! 

Ok, gotta go find my winter parka, rain boots and beer stein………(just kidding….I don’t own rain boots and a parka!)