I am sitting in the airport coming to you LIVE and TIRED! My what busy and fun-filled days I have had.  Where do I begin?  I should first and foremost mention that teaching the make ‘n takes at the Helmar Helmar_red_web_header Booth was so great.  I know how hard it is to put those class kits together and they do it right. Many commented it was the best one they did at the show.  Mark Ripper, boss and CEO is wonderful to work with and promoting his products is easy. I managed to align him with some video and magazine time so that was a real perk.  I met so many nice people including Dawn and Angela who worked the booth.   We all made a great team.  And for those who took my classes THANK YOU!  I hope that you read this and know I had a great time.  Please drop me a comment or email so we can stay in touch.  It is great to share my passion with people who love it as much as I do.Vlhb03

It was fun walking the show room floor.  I need to really go through my extra suit case in order to share all the goodies I got.  I have to say it was fun seeing the booths close  down and getting a few deals including the cutest suitcase from ?? Oh crud I cannot remember.  Pictures to follow because it is the cutest and will come in hand for future trade shows.  I also scored a All My Memories bag and matching walled.  I generally do not enter raffles but happened to walk by when they handed out numbered lottery tickets.  I scored a low number and could buy two items.  I had to select it from a pile of bags on the floor.  It is SO CUTE!  And I got it half off.  You know about my new love for bags and it is PINK! 

We did managed to go into Chicago last night.  I really enjoyed seeing this city but wish I could of had more time.  It seems deep in history with very old buildings.  I was missing my camera too. I need more time.  Chicago is rich in Italian restaurants and they love their sports.  We ate in an outdoor restaurant last night and the people watching was fun.  Lots of interesting people to look at.

The trade show hours are long and you are on your feet lots but it was the best time.  I feel blessed to have a "job" that pays me to glue and be creative.  Life is good and I am thankful for the support of my friends and family to do what I love so much.  I really have surrounded myself with special people.  I have spoken to the kids and Pete and I can tell they are ready for my return.  I just hope all the goodies I collected are enough.  No time to shop so those trade show freebies have to do.  I think the candy will be a hit. 

Time to board soon.  I am looking forward to the music of my iPod and seeing the back of my eye lids the whole way.  San Diego I am on my way!