Again, I am a bad blogger but I have been so busy with work and kids home on spring break.  I am unloading photos as we speak from a fun week…in the meantime I will share my teenage budding chef…………

It is no secret that I do not like cooking.  I wish I liked it.  I will every now and again buy a cookbook (I have a whole shelf dediated to them as proof) and have great aspirations to create an appetizing meal only to get half way through and just hope it is edible.  However, I work magic with Pine Sol and do not mind the clean up one bit.  I also am a simple eater so when the kiddos are not around you will find me eating salad or cereal for dinner (sometimes both if the mood is right).  Sometimes I resort back to my college days and toss a potato in the microwave or I am famous for the Jeno's $.99 pizza.  Tyler on the other-hand loves to cook.  So to have an offspring who has a love for cooking is a surprise to me.

His love for cooking shows and the twins and I get to reap the benefits from this.  He is such a joy in the kitchen.  I even bought him this apron which he wears proudly (and yes, he is wearing pants!)

TWB_9240 copy 

With the help of technology we make a great pair.  He sends me an email with his grocery list and I do the legwork.  Then he works his magic and goes to work.  I love that time because I do all the clean up and it is time we have together.  He also shares jobs with the twins which makes them feel good.  

TWB_9246 copy 
TWB_9249 copy 
So along with being a pre-teen with normal hormones, moods, etc. I have a son who gives back to the family and takes pride in it.  I feel lucky.  But I also feel 10 lbs heavier and have asked him to switch from Paula Deen to Jamie Oliver to give my waisteline a break.