So one of my biggest Blog fans may just be one of my Uncles.  He checks in regularly to see how I am, why have I not up-dated in a few days and just emails me to make me smile (which he always does).  I have to say that this guy can make anyone laugh.  He is downright Jolly and I am not saying that in any reference to weight however I will share that he had to get padded up to play this darn Santa that tainted my view on life to this day!  Remember this POST?  That jolly guy in the red suit was my uncle to which I was not given this information until I was an adult!  Ok, I digress and still am seeking geography lessons and counseling for this incident.

But his sense of humor gets me every time.  So in response to my Hair (and guys just don't get it) Post from the other day….he indeed has a response:

O Please


I completely understand your feelings about your hairdresser, their almost like a personal friend, to change is like accusing a friend of a wrong. What's even worse is when you find your accusations (orange hair) were incorrect, a groveling knee bent apology is always required.


Your good hairdressers grow and share with you through the years, notice the aging and saying little of it. You depend on them to remove the soils of life and start you anew, though as you age you see them more often and may require additional time and soil removal. 


I was just talking to my hairdresser the other day, asking about what she could do about the sparse areas on top, should I grow what I do have a little longer for the flop over look, what to do about the one white and two gray HAIR strands, age spots, dunlop, why I am so tired and sore after yard work and I am just not what I use to be.


Her comment was the mature look fit me well, my personality, life style, work had play harder attitude, the removal of the soils of life would only take away the sexy roughness she likes to see in a man. O' and did I tell you she has been my hairdresser for the past 38 years!!!!


As your favored Uncle, I felt it my responsibility to defend your dignity, the survey I took in the men's room did vary, while many felt your butt look really cute, sweet and tight among other comments, all agreed it was mighty fine. See your uncle was right again……


Lov ME 

I love my Uncle!  Thanks for taking the time to read my jostled words every day and always making me smile…….




One of my favorite pictures with two of my favorite guys……



You will always be that special guy to me in the red suit.  I love you!