For years I have picked a Word of the Year.  I have had Trust (2011),  Patience (2012), and Breathe (2013).  This years is Believe



So after all those words I thought long and hard about this year’s Word.  I have known struggle, rebuilding, and growth in the past few years.  Some times I felt like things were falling apart and good things happened for other people only.  Mind you, I am always grateful for where I have been, where I am and all I have in my life.  The one thing I lacked was the Belief that I deserved those good things and they were all around me.

I heard things like “you deserve a break”,  “you deserve a great guy…”, , “you deserve……..”.  I worked and did not always enjoy the process or see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have great friends who attest to that.  But with Trust, Patience and finally last year taking time to Breathe I built this Life I so LOVE living.  But yet……..Believing in myself was missing.

So this year I Believe.  I Believe in myself, in the foundation I am giving/teaching my kids, my family, my ART/CAREER and I Believe I deserve those good things too.   I wake up Believing that each day is a gift to me and to those I share it with.  I Believe in creating a life I want to Live in and with whom I want to share it.  I Believe in Love, Grace, God, and being Grateful.  I Believe in following my own path, the crazy path of this Artist who wakes up and paints from 8-5 pm. I Believe that not everyone is going to get me.  I Believe that I don’t need to knock on wood because the rug might be pulled out from under me (I GLUED that damn rug down).  I Believe that there will be rough patches and I am strong enough to get through them.  I am working on Believing that I am doing a good job and that I made the best decisions with the knowledge I had on hand.  I Believe that just because everyone is doing (fill in the blank) that is no reason to do it.  I Believe and EMBRACE the Artist along with the Inspiration and gifts I have to give. I Believe in Mixed Media Monday’s and sharing who and what I am about no matter the number of viewers (it started with two and has grown beyond belief to a wonderful community of Artists).

Thanks to my Mom who bought this book for me….One WORD.  I was already doing this exact thing for the last 3 years.  I No need to break New Year’s Resolutions.  This One Word has an impact on me all year long.  I highly recommend this fast read….


What is your One Word and what does it mean to you?  There is great importance in One Word.  I truly Believe that.

“Make friends with failure.  You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner?  The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.  Behind every great piece of art is a thousand failed attempts to make it, but these attempts are simply never shown to us….Just because it’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it never will.  Sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right.”