Can I just say that I am a poor estimator of time and distance…. Dsc_9479that includes my friend too!  Today we took the kiddos out for trick-or-treating in town.  The businesses in our town open up for the kids to trick-or-treat.  We started on one end and headed up the street.  We hit lots of places and amassed lots of candy.  Then we realized we had to walk all that Dsc_9518distance back.  But with (2) 9 year olds, (1) 7 year  old, (2) 4 year olds and (1) 3 year old that is much easier said than done.  Weighed down with the candy we finally made it back to our cars where we picked up pizza to go.  Once the kids were refreshed with pizza and feet were rested we were back out begging in my friend’s  neighborhood.  We filled up the back of her  truck with kids and rolled along driveway to driveway.  Let me tell you my arms were killing me from taking little ones out of the bed of the truck.  The kids all had a great time and us moms were spent. Dsc_9541

It was another Dsc_9550_1fun holiday and I am enjoying the fruits of our labor as we speak.   The kids basically fell into bed. I am just happy to say that one more holiday is under our hat.  Now I will need to put up with them asking me for candy every day for weeks.  Little do they know that mom & dad will be making selective reduction to their piles every night to chip away their mounds of candy.  Somtimes being a mom has it’s perks.

On the Dsc_9543_1remodel home front I was able to make some "final" decisions on my paint colors.  I have to make one more important decision on my scrapbook studio which is the most important to me.  We may get color on our walls as soon as tomorrow.  Wow, that will be strange for us.  We have been busy going through closets getting rid of everything.  Man I love to do that! Glad I am not a saver!  Even Pete is getting in on the action.  I love when he is in that mode since he saves more than I do. 

Well, after thoroughly over-doing another holiday I am totally exhausted.  I think my TiVo of Oprah is calling my name.  And I think I hear one more piece of candy calling out to me.  I will be spinning all this candy off tomorrow morning.  I am paying for that sweet tooth!