Last night was a nice night to take in with the kids.  It was Open House for the twins and I always look forward to this for a couple of reasons.  They get to proudly show off what they have been working on so hard AND it is another year under our belts.  It just seems as if time is going so fast.  First was Micky to share her work…


and then Joey's turn…..


and of course a few of us mom's could not help but compare some of our grades…hey, we worked hard on some of those projects!


This is what really got to me…….Tyler is now in 9th grade and here are the teachers that started it all with him……


oh boy has the time just flown by!


It feels like it was just yesterday for him and now he is almost a Sophomore in High School.  It was a great night for us all and as has been tradition I took them for ice cream after.  They are still not too old for that…


Another year of school nearly behind us.  Very proud of them all and know that job #1 of being a Mom is one that never stops.


"It is not just about creativity, it is about the person you're becoming while you're creating" ~Charlie Peacock