Saturday was a tough day in our house.  Joey got the yucky flu on Friday.  Trust me when I say I will never question if someone is sick.  He proceed to show me right in my studio!  So Saturday I was lugging the kids to and from soccer pictures and soccer games.  Poor Joey was a trouper. 

Saturday was Micky’s first game and they won 6-1
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_twb0520 _twb0523

Tyler had a pretty bad loss…….6-0
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Once we made it through day we returned home and started the infirmary. Tyler ended up being sick.  He called me in his room at 3:40 am and said he was sick……..I ran in and said "Where?".  Well, I found it because I was standing in it.  Then Micky woke up.  It was one heck of a sleepless night in our house!  Thank heavens that we called off all baseball games on Sunday and the kids took the day to rest.  Oh the fun of being a Mom!