Wow, where has the month gone.  I took some time off to enjoy the days and just take it all in but did manage to pull my camera out.  I was missing it for one key element when we dropped the turkey on the floor but we will talk about that later……

For now I am going to share the latest fun around the house.  Last weekend we did some sincere rearranging of furniture in the boys room which prompted Micky to want her room cleaned too.  There was not much rearranging in her room because it is small.  While she was away for the weekend a thought passed through my mind that she could use some new furniture and her room could be used for my parents when they visit this time.  So with Mark's help (and prompting) we headed to the furniture store on Saturday night.

9:30 pm that night it was picked out and ordered and the delivery would be Sunday at 10 pm!  They promised next day delivery so I took advantage and Operation New Princess Room was underway. 

Sunday was spent emptying out her room and buy new bedding.  Furniture delivery done by 11 pm!  Unfortunately Mark had to return home before he could see the fruits of our labor.  I worked almost all night Sunday to get the room back into shape for Micky to be surprised when she returned home on Monday after school. 

So here is her new room fit for a Princess……..


Monday after school she was dropped off and I waited in her bedroom for the big unveiling……capturing this was priceless
she was excited and looked at every element of the room like a little girl does…the best was the new bed.
and she was very anxious to go to bed last night for the first time in her new bed……
and nothing feels better than sneaking back in to see the Princess slumber………
This mom needed Tuesday just to recover from the 24 hour makeover.  So happy how it turned out.  Thanks Mark for your help and pushing me to make this happen.  My parents now have a nice new guest room.  Can you just imagine my dad in these Princess sheets?  I will make sure to snap a few photos and share.  Don't worry, he will never know (hee, hee).

Sweet Dreams,


Dreams are free, so free your dreams.  ~Astrid Alauda