Kelly and I are in Rancho Bernardo right now and I am reporting in on our photography workshop.  I have so much to say but I will report in on workshop details soon (just so much to say).  I would like to introduce our new best friend (she is not fully aware that we are BFF’s yet but she will know in no time, right after she gets the restraining order)…………..OK, I digress.  So our new BFF is Carey Schumacher of Barefoot Memories.  She was fortunate enough (or maybe very unfortunate) to sit next to Kelly at I at dinner tonight at Bucca de Beppo and she had no idea what she was getting into with Kelly and I.  Laughing is paramount for us and soon Carey was joining in. 

Now keep in mind she is one of our teachers this weekend and we really admire her work.  So at one point I was thinking "Carey Schumacher is sitting right across from me and she is laughing with me (or at me, but same thing)".  How great is this? What is even funnier is I could care less if I met Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolee however Me Ra Koh is to my left and Carey Schmacher is right in front of me!  There she is laughing, talking, and eating (she eats!). 

The fun really kicked in when Kelly pulled out her camera.  We wanted to get a few snapshots of the evening (more like evidence that Carey is our new best friend or we can use it in our defense when she pulls that restraining order). 

Img_7318 Do you see the Love?

Img_7321 She is warming up to us still.

It really was a kick in the pants to be sitting next to someone who you admire their work so much.  And to think she uses a fork just like me!  Seriously any time now she is going to start to get us, really get us…….

Me Now she is getting us!

Img_7320 Do you feel the love?

Img_7323 BFF’s for Life!

And get this……..we drove her back to her room.  She trusted Kelly and I not to kidnap her (although she did get nervous at one stop light)! 

Now seriously Carey, if you happen to see my business card that I so gingerly put in your back pocket (I bet she does laundry just like me too!) and you visit my humble blog abode….thank you!  Thank you for a fun night.  Kelly and I had a great time and we are so looking forward to gleaming from your wisdom tomorrow on the beach.  And, when you need us to come "assist" on those Coronado shoots just let us know.  I promise not to cackle at those Navy Seals so loud that I embarrass you (OK, promising something like that is clearly ridiculous).

P.S.  More details to follow on our amazing weekend so stay tuned.