I am so happy to share our new oasis right in our own yard.  Our home just got a bit greener and our hummingbirds could not be happier….
Landscape2 Landscape1Very thankful to this man……and best friend to John.  He is very good at what he does, cares and really listened to us…Plus he took time away from his home and family for us.  We appreciated the time with him and the kids did too.  These two are quite the lifelong best friends……

Landscape3I for one am thankful and happy to enjoy our oasis and hopefully see the fruits of his labors (literally) in years to come.  It all starts in and around your home. I love the added privacy, greenery (drought tolerant plants) and my hummingbirds are happier then ever to have new places to perch and watch their food….I sense a couple more feeders in our future!

our landscape week in pictures HERE…….

Time to host some barbecues!

Honestly, there’s so much you can let go of in life without losing a thing.  It’s called growth.  Letting go of old ideals makes way for new opportunities.   Letting go of what isn’t working makes way for what will.  When the pain of holding on is worse than the pain of letting go, it’s time to let go and grow.  In other words, start subtracting… the habits, routines and thoughts that are holding you back.  You cannot discover new oceans unless you build up enough courage to lose sight of the old, familiar shoreline.”07