Don’t you hate that feeling when you wake up late, especially when you have to be somewhere?  We had it all planed out for Pete’s big race day.  The kids and I would head out about 5:45 am and be down at Mission Bay at 6:30 am.  Plenty of time to park, get situated, take photos and wish Dad luck before he takes off at 7:30 am.  Now that was the plan, but as always nothing goes to plan.  Tyler walks into my room at 7:00 am and says "Mom, aren’t we supposed to be down there?"  OH MAN (and a few other explitives)!  I jump out of bed and yelled "Everyone get dressed and be in the car in 5 minutes.  I do not have time to debate food, clothes, jackets, etc. so figure it out."

Five minutes later we are racing down the highway.  All the while I am kicking myself in the rear.  We broke all land-speed records and got down there in 32 minutes.  Then I had to face parking where I turned to the man up-stairs and asked him to free up a space.  I felt like Jim Carey in "Bruce Almighty" where he wills himself a parking spot.  We did find a "parking spot" or shall I say I made us a space to park.  And then with three kids in tow and big camera around my neck we ran to the bike transition area since I gave up on the swim long ago. 

About five minutes later here comes Pete ’rounding the corner, all smiles to see us…………we looked calm as can be like we have been there all morning, HI DAD!

Then we waited for his return on the bike.

Then we ran across the park to the Run area.
_twb1404 _twb1411
where the kids waited to root him on…….

Then we ran to the Finish Line to capture his finish.  Way to go Dad!
_twb1434 _twb1435
_twb1437 _twb1453 _twb1456 

It was like our own mini triathalon.  I think the kids and I were more winded than Pete by the time it was over.  Plus we were all starving!  What a bunch of troopers I had with me.  This was probably their favorite part…
_twb1465 _twb1468 _twb1469

I was bummed to have missed the shots from the swim but all-in-all I was thankful we made it at all.  Pete finished in 1 hour, 22 minutes which was a mere 7 minutes off his goal!

This is another one of those days that I wish my life was a reality show.  Great job Pete!  We are all proud of you.