Yes today is the twin’s 5th birthday!  The day was all about them but very low-key.  We gave them grandma and grandpa’s gifts.  Micky got a tea set and JoJo got Star Wars light sabers.  Both loved their gifts and that kept them all busy most of the day.  Micky also got a TinkerBell rug for her room.  Then we set out and bought them a birthday cake AND birthday cupcakes for their party on Wednesday. Lots of sweets for them.  They still are not feeling great and have these bad coughs so they were a bit out of sorts.  We took some time this afternoon to go outside and take some five year old pictures.  They really are getting big so quickly.  I tried to make it as special as possible despite the limited resources.  They both said they had a good day.  And tomorrow we may try to see Happy Feet if we get enough time.  The kids and I need to get out of this house and have some real fun. 

Tomorrow I am having the guy I work with come over and look at the plumbing in the small bathroom.  Pete and I got the vanity in but one thing we are not is plumbers.  I am keeping my fingers crossed he can get that sink going and I can get that bathroom back together.  And one other big thing happened today…..YaHoo the painting is done!  Our painter completed all the painting today and we love it.  He did a fine job so if anyone is looking for a great painter I have a referral.  We stayed around the house today and I put a few more things away.  If we get that small bathroom back together we are looking pretty good.  That is progress in my eyes. 

Did I mention I scrapbooked two layouts last night.  Woohoo!  And…another one of my layouts was picked up for publication.  I may be a bit irritable today but all these things made me happy.  And on a final note……….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my friend and a special person to the twins………CINDY!