Drphil2_1Well, they aired the Dr. Phil show tDrphil2oday and we were shown.  They panned in on me going "Ohhhhhh".  Silly!   That is my mom sitting to the right, behind the big guy.  It was fun to watch.  Not sure this will spring-board my Hollywood career but if they need someon to make goofy faces than I am their girl.  Pete and the kids got a kick out of watching it.  I think looking at myself on TV was like hearing myself on a tape recording.  I think I will stick to paper crafting.

Dsc_4246I completed one more Dream Keeper Box for OESD and I love this one.  Dsc_4245This is a Playing Card & Dice Holder.  I am having such a great time working on these. Dsc_4253_3 My mom has already requested the Tea one.  I know it will go perfect in her kitchen!  Coming your way soon Mom!   

Tomorrow Tyler has his first playoff basketball game…….GO SHOOTERS!