Tyler had a great basketball game Dsc_4292so be prepared for a proud mom brag moment.  Tonight his basketball team had their first play off game.  At the half they were down 7 Dsc_4276points and things were not looking good.  Tyler was playing an awesome defensive game  with 4 steals.  The team came back and with about 28 seconds they tied it up.  So in Overtime the winning shot was shot by Tyler!  The final score was Shooters 23-21.  I jumped out of my seat.  Both teams played great and I was so happy for Tyler.  Ok, that formally ends this session of mom-bragging.  This only prolongs the season for us….we play again on Friday. 

And we got great news today that our friends Julie & Curt are coming next Friday. More importantly they are bringing baby Jaden with them.  I told them to make sure he wears eye protection because I may be flashing that camera on him every few seconds.