Where have the last couple of weeks gone? It has been a mad dash of painting freenzy for me and I would have it no other way.  A copuple of weekends ago I had the special opportunity to be part of a great art-filed weekend.  DecoArt sponsored an art retreat at Charity Wings and it was an awesome weekend filled with tons of vibrant colors….

Charity1 Charity2 Charity3 Charity4 Charity6

On Sunday, Mark Montano and myself had a little time so we decided to enjoy some painting time…..


It was an honor to teach with Mark Montano and the Lolly Jane Girls, Kristi & Kelli:


The best way to share is with pictures HERE:

I thank all who joined us for that special weekend and for trusting me for 2 hours to guide you and see where the paintings took us.  What a fun three days!


Thank you to Elena, Charity Wings and DecoArt!  Art for a Cause is truly wonderful!

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