For those who are painting right along with me on Monday I welcome you to share…Here are just a few shared from from two Monday's ago when I painted this:

Heart2 (2)

Jessica: It was soooo good to be back! I tried my best to keep up…I have clocks somewhere and will add them when I can find them. Never in my life have I freehand brushed flowers…the middle one is a little janky but, I tried! My soul feels good tonight! 



Yvonne who saw this on my Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Facebook Page:


Yvonne: I painted along with Tracy this evening and actually came pretty darn close to completing it in the same time frame!! I did do the quote and the doodling around the page after she went off air, but dang!! I was pretty pumped! I also didn't follow along with what she was painting….for the first time….I just went with it and did something on my own and used a few new techniques I'd never tried before….and Tracy, I actually did them in my big Art Journal!! The quote and idea for the page came from an inspirational poster Tracy shared on her page today that just struck a cord with me. I did have a near disaster with one of my Lindy's sprays……I now have a very colorful piece of paper towel to use on a new page. Check out my blog for more pics and a little explanation of my journey this month….



And Debra Buckland: ooops went in a different direction….. great show today though. 


 Brenda Donovan I never get to watch live…I have an antique of a computer and won't allow me to….but thankfully Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos is wonderful enough to upload to youtube, so I watch every Tuesday morning with my coffee…then I go down in the basement and try to remember (no internet down there) what I just watched and duplicate it….here were the last two recordings inspirations…..


 Mary Kay McDonnell - I didn't create a two pager, but I did create a big page 


Very cool to know right in that moment that someone was inspired by something I was doing and joined me!  There are lots of people already sharnig their houses from Monday night!  Stay tuned for our September Creative Dare that I will post this week!  It is going to be a great month!

"Be the person you will be happy to live with for the duration of your life.  Don’t rely on your significant other, or anyone else, for your happiness and self-worth.  Know that our first and last love is always self-love, and that if you can’t love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to either."