Monday was one of those days…I cannot put my finger on it nor is there any great reason as I am blessed beyond believe but my hormones for moaning my estrogen was flairing, my tear ducts were quaking…for no real reason.  Just one of those days and yet I had our Monday night LIVE on Ustream and needed to pep up and perk up to paint.  That is not always easy! 

But for some reason when you share…….it helps.  And I felt like painting my mood so I pulled out my art journal.  Like my dad always says "Some days are diamond and some days are rock" I set out to paint that and picked out White, Black and Grey DecoArt paints.  These are out of my norm vibrant colors that I normally use!

and this is what came to LIVE



If you missed it LIVE you can catch it HERE:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

I was worried along the way that my deep, dark page was heading in the wrong direction but the details I added brought it to life.  So out of this dark mood rose a wonderful collaboration.  And you guys were right, the pink buttons were the way to go. 

So for those who have emailed me about pages that they created that were not their favorite…KEEP THEM IN YOUR BOOK!  Trust me, you will look back and remember the mood from the day, the story of your life and it feels good to look back on the journey.

Make sure to watch to the end for GIVEAWAY announcement…my favorite must have tool: Faber Castell Charcoal pencils!!! Tell your friends to "Like" us on Facebook: for a chance to win or tell me what your favorite part of Monday nights is!!!

I loved the piece.  I loved our time together and I went to bed with art in my heart.  Just the way I needed to.  Today is another day…….


"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." ~Thoreau