Dsc_3857a_4OK, so maybe we did not party that hard but for once we got a night out without kids.  We were able to plan a dinner with our our friends which meant us all having sitters for our 9 collective kids.  This is one of those deals where the moon, stars and planets have to orbit just right in order for that to happen.  The stars were in alignment so the 6 of us had dinner at Outback.   This meant no cleaning up after kids, no yelling or chasing down little ones.  We had a great time!  It was a time that was needed by all.  And the fun did not stop there.

We went to our local dive bar to watch my friend’s husbands band.  They play classic 80’s rock and were really good.  We had a few beers, soaked in the music, and played pool.  Songs by White Snake, Journey, and Bryan Adams just took us back in time.  Lots of moms and dads were there from school so it was fun to see everyone out of their element hanging out.  It was particularly nice to spend time with my hubby.

Today was a day of rest for us.  San Diego is getting lots of rain right now so we may need to build an ark soon to get around.  I love rainy Sundays.