Yesterday started like any other day…get kids to school, juggled some work, take in car for $500 repair but canceled that thing out with a yummy eggs benedict breakfast on a beautiful day, more work, walk at the high school track with a good friend.  The balance of good, not so good, teenager attitude, messy kid's rooms, car repairs but the sun was shining and I am ever amazed at how blessed I am to have those around me.  I DO NOT take that for granted.  On our walk we had heard of a fellow classmate of our son's who had been hit in the chest with a softball and had to be air-lifted from that very track at 11:30 am.  

Track practice went on as usual, our walk went on.  Darlene left and I walked a few extra miles.  As I left a news truck showed up and there was a hub of activity that I thought nothing of.  I saw the principal (weird as school was out hours before) and then………the story unfolded.  That unfortunate freak accident left a mom to mark her son's 16th birthday by mourning his loss.  

Last evening, the messy rooms, the attitudes, the car repairs, the menial things had no importance.  Life always gives moments of PERSPECTIVE.  In some of my hardest times perspective has been granted.  I was thankful for the friend who repaired my car before it left me stranded on the road, that fattening eggs benedict that I walked off, the birthday present I picked out lovingly for my two best friends turning 40, the messy rooms I came home to and the tons of laundry, the teenage attitude that I know will not last forever, the Faygo Rock-and-Rye that gave me a taste of Detroit, MI, my home……..the little things.  

No I did not know the child personally…….but he is 16.  He got hit by a softball, he was in gym class, he was a classmate of my son's, getting his driver's license, an athlete.  He was a son, maybe a brother, nephew…….he was one of ours.  It hit home.

I closed the day with this message on Facebook:

"I had plans to paint in my studio and so want to do it but with a heavy heart all I am off to bed and want to say THANKS for being part of my life daily. I am blessed with great friends & family, and fellow artists who fill my heart every day. Hug your kids, your dog or another and let them know what they mean to you. Our community lost a 16 year old today (classmate of my son) to a freak accident. Paint your hearts out…love those around you, don't sweat the small stuff..have perspective and be grateful everyday for this crazy little thing we call life. ♥"

The menial things meant nothing.  I got texts from a good friend who confirmed who I am "Trace your FB posts are appreciated by me.  I just cannot post about it.  Your words were respectful and heartfelt.  Thank you on such a sad day…"    

So hug those people that mean the most……I know I did.  And pray for those so closely affected by a mere accident and God's plan.